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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Investor Pitch AI?
Investor Pitch AI is an AI-powered tool that generates comprehensive investor pitches based on a topic, keyword, phrase, or idea.
Who created Investor Pitch AI?
Investor Pitch AI was created by software engineer and entrepreneur, Eric David Smith.
How does Investor Pitch AI work?
Investor Pitch AI works by taking in keywords, phrases, or ideas and generating a comprehensive investor pitch around them. This includes aspects such as the company name, what the company does, the problem it solves, its solution, product/service description, market size, revenue model, business model, and much more.
What if my idea is unethical, illegal, or immoral?
Investor Pitch AI will not generate a pitch for any idea that is deemed unethical, illegal, or immoral. Instead, it will display a message saying 'THIS IS A BAD IDEA'.
What type of pitches can Investor Pitch AI generate?
Investor Pitch AI is versatile and can generate pitches for a wide range of businesses, industries, and ideas. It's all based on the input you provide.
What information does the generated investor pitch include?
The generated investor pitch includes information about the company's name, what it does, the problem it solves, its solution, product/service description, market size, revenue model, business model, and much more.
How can I contact the creator of Investor Pitch AI?
You can contact Eric David Smith, the creator of Investor Pitch AI, through his website:
Is Investor Pitch AI free to use?
As of the latest update, Investor Pitch AI is free to use. Please visit the website for the most current information.
Can Investor Pitch AI help me come up with a business idea?
While Investor Pitch AI is primarily designed to generate investor pitches based on a provided idea, it can also provide inspiration and help refine your existing ideas.
What does the 'Overall Idea Rating' mean?
The 'Overall Idea Rating' is an assessment of the favorability of your business idea based on other businesses in the same space. It's generated based on the information you provide.

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